Whats is OpenMOOC?

Whats is OpenMOOC?

OpenMOOC is an open source platform (Apache license 2.0) that implements a fully open MOOC solution. If you do not know what a MOOC is, check it out on Wikipedia.

How does it work?

  • Video+Internet. Combined use of video and intelligent discussion forums. The content is available online from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Progressive. The courses consist of units built by a set of knowledge pills. Pills are short videos that can be associated with supplementary material (documents, links, exercises) and questions with their respective answers. Pills are classified in normal, homework and exams. The difference between them is the time to study them and the possibility or not to see the answers before the deadline of the pill.
  • Participative. Each course has associated an intelligent discuission forum where students and teachers can discuss and collaborate on a unit/knowledge pill.


OpenMOOC is a platform based on several components:

  • Identity provider. This component is responsible on the identity of the users. This includes: user registration, user management data and Single Sign On (SSO). It’s based on SimpleSAMLphp and modules for it like the userregistration and a custom template.
  • Moocng. This is the platform’s engine. This module allows teachers to create, manage and release courses and students to apply and follow them. It’s written in Python/Django.
  • Askbot. This component is a Q&A platform written in Python/Django. At present time it’s the main way of communication between teachers and students.

Main features

  • 100% open source solution
  • Video integration with documents and teacher’s remarks
  • Extremely simple course creation interface
  • Self assessment progress
  • Social discussion forum
  • Follow up own/others’ questions
  • No need to stream videos from a local platform (uses YouTube)
  • WYSIWYG interface for creation of questions
  • Medals (badges) for assessing your social behavior in the forum
  • Federation of identities based on standard (SAML2)


Who is using it?

Uned Coma Entity:  UNED

Link: http://unedcoma.es

Free access

Educalab Entity:  INTEF – educaLab

Link: https://mooc.educalab.es/

Free access

Difundi Entity: DifundiLink: https://www.difundi.comFree and paid courses
 Mines-Telécom Entity: Institut Mines-TelécomLink: https://courses.mooc.telecom-bretagne.eu/Free access
 The CulturePlex Lab Courses, Western Ontario University Entity: The CulturePlex Lab Courses, Western Ontario UniversityLink: http://courses.cultureplex.ca/Only for UWO students
 MOOC. UNED Consejo Social Entity: Debate Abierto. Uned Consejo SocialLink: https://mooc.csuneddebateabierto.es/Free access
 Encuentro Iberoamericano de la sociedad Civil Entity: Asociación Española de FundacionesLink: http://mooc.comunidadiberoamericanasc.org/

Free access

Do you have your own instance of OpenMOOC? Let us know by sending the link and the details to info@openmooc.es



If you are media and want concise information about our project or our activities, soon you will be able to download here a brief dossier.

If you prefer, you can contact us at


OpenMOOC is licensed under the terms of Apache 2.0.


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